1 through 2 Speed Pushbutton Crane Control System

Berlet's 'Off the Shelf" systems use microcomputers and other current solid state technology to produce practical, low cost radio remote control systems capable of controlling a wide range of cranes, hoists and monorails in many varied applications. These pre-engineered systems bring to the industry the most flexible, easily installed, easily serviced systems ever offered. Pre-engineered systems are Industry Canada approved for operation without a users license.

The technologically advanced hand-held crane control system uses a Palm Pilot® or Pocket PC to program the transmitter’s synthesized frequency and on-board flash memory configuration via an infrared or radio signal. In addition, one transmitter can be programmed with different configurations.

The new transmitter uses the latest in technology for an ultra-durable, reliable and flexible product. With transmitters constructed from the latest in space-age plastics, this system is fully synthesized with on-board flash memory for ease in configuring.

Sub-volt technology, as used in the newest laptop computers, allows extremely long life with only AA batteries. The watertight sealed transmitter features gold contact metal switches with over a million operations of rated life. The lightweight transmitter has been ergonomically designed for operator ease and yet is still extremely tough.

The receiver is fully featured, synthesized, and very compact. As with other radio systems, it is programmed for typical crane configurations.

Specifications:         Pocket/Hand-held V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Transmitters