2 through 3 Speed Pushbutton Crane Control System

Ergo The pendant style radio transmitter has positive detent pushbuttons for up to three speeds. This is an off-the-shelf system, providing a practical, low-cost solution for the remote control of cranes, hoists and monorails. One lightweight (1.1 kg/2.5 lb) transmitter can control up to seven motion functions on one system. As well, up to four systems may function on the same time-shared frequency. New technology also incorporates multi-box crane controls.

Transmitters There are a number of transmitter styles, including a hand-held 1,2 or 3-speed positive detent pushbutton pendant style transmitter; a hand-held 1-speed membrane style transmitter; a hand-held 1, 2 speed tactile membrane style transmitter; plus a Belly Box 1,2,3 or 5-speed lever/joystick style transmitter. All allow customized engineering with the flip of a switch plus the choice of disposable or rechargeable battery packs.

We can supply complete pre-engineered/off-the-shelf radio-remote control systems within one week from our Mississauga, Ontario plant. You can make the transition from old style cable connected pendant to state-of-the art radio transmitter in minutes.

Features include:

  • Time Multiple Shared technology
  • Modular construction - allow quick module changes for immediate repair
  • Diagnostics for transmitter and receiver
  • Transmitter - Positive LED feedback of battery condition and verification of RF output
  • Receiver - Microcomputer board and output LEDs allow visual verification of each module
  • License-exempt status by Industry Canada

Options include a high-quality Waist Support Belt for Transmitters, and rechargeable NiMH batteries with charger.