Collision Avoidance Systems

Anti-Collision Laser-Guard is an advanced laser-based system that offers distance control and collision prevention for cranes or other guided machinery. It consists of a Class 1 laser transmitter/receiver, special universal mount and a reflective target.

A typical application would be to mount the laser transmitter/receiver on the bridge of a crane and mount the target on the structure to be avoided.

Laser-Guard will sense and measure the distance of a crane moving at up to 800 fpm, slowing it in one, two or three user-adjustable stages (to eliminate load swing), and bringing it to a halt. It is self-monitoring and includes contacts for alarms or shutdown.

Safe and economical, Laser-Guard cannot be jammed by RF interference, unlike radar or other radio-based anti-collision systems

System features include:

  • Safe Class 1 Laser Rating
  • Range: 5 to 150 feet
  • Self-monitoring with Fault Output
  • Accuracy: 1% of range measured
  • Easy-To-Install Reflective Target
  • Built-In Aiming Indicator
  • Rugged Mounting Assembly

Laser-Guard has evolved from TELTEC, the unique medium-range anti-collision system in use since 1976. TELTEC is widely used throughout the world on cab, pendant and radio-operated cranes to prevent collisions over a range of 10 to 100 feet.

Users in a wide variety of industries have already improved employee safety, reduced product liability, and avoided damage to machinery. In the same way that TELTEC has shown itself to be low-cost insurance, Laser Guard will continue to safeguard valuable equipment even more effectively.