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Radio Remote Control Product Range

As Canada's leading supplier of radio control systems, we ensure that all our products are designed to keep your operation safe, more productive, and running smoothly.

Our products are fully supported both at the factory and locally by a Canada-wide network of Dealer/Installers. They are also supported by our fully trained service technicians on call through a support number.

Remember that for crane applications our digital signalling technology enables you to:

  • Conserve radio frequency spectrum
  • Run at least four cranes on one frequency simultaneously
  • Avoid IC licensing problems
  • Expand the number of systems on radio without adding frequencies
  • Simplify frequency coordination tasks
  • Minimize spare parts inventory

Please click on the appropriate link for the product of your choice

1 through 2 speed Pushbutton Crane Control System

2 through 3 speed Pushbutton Crane Control System

3 through 5 speed & Stepless Crane Control System


Small Pushbutton signalling systems

Data Transfer Systems

Collision Avoidance Systems