Rail Yard & Track

Climaxing 50 years of world leadership in rail applications of industrial radio remote controls, Berlet offers a family of rail yard and track systems to meet the demands of the locomotive market. Berlets systems are designed for:

  • Regional and Short line locomotives
  • Yard and switcher locomotives
  • Rail car Spotters
  • Tower Control

Berlet's radio remote control system will cut costs and save you money, improve safety, dramatically increase the accuracy of materials movement in your yard, and speed up your overall operations. We do this by providing the optimum in reliability and performance for your equipment with our microprocessor-controlled systems.

One operator working from a safe distance of up to 3,000 feet can control the direction, speed, braking, lights, sanding of track, warning bells and horn. The operator has a view of all the cars to be moved or coupled, so is able to work faster and more efficiently. The lightweight, extremely rugged transmitter is worn around the operator's waist. Its features include digital or proportional control, linear, dual or three axis joysticks, IP65 protection and rechargeable batteries. The receiving and interface unit is mounted in the equipment's cab or on the frame. Berlets systems can be fully customized, with many options available, including graphics display, touch screen, E stop programming and GPS.

The key benefits of a Berlet system include

  • Quick replacement of a damaged transmitter via programmed key stop button
  • Constant update of locomotive status via data communication or video display
  • Touch Screen flexibility
  • Long Range - reduces the need for two train controllers
  • Safety Switch - additional worker protection
  • Flexible programming via pocket PCs
  • Command Center
  • True pitch and catch operation with touch screen flexibility and control
  • GPS tracking of the locomotive and operator

Installation is performed in a few days at your site and includes free operational and maintenance instruction.

Following are some brief case studies of our applications:

  • Remote radio speeds unit train loading/unloading
  • One operator can move 450 tons a day by hand

If you would like detailed copies of any of our case studies, please make your request through our Case Studies Request Form.