3 through 5 Speed & Stepless Crane Control System

Nova This innovative modular design is a new departure from existing engineered systems in that it offers the choice of licensed (IC Part C) or non-licensed (IC Part K) transmitter on the same basic modular platform. The standard transmitter for this system is our new Belly Box style transmitter that features a rugged polymer housing that can be equipped with joystick or lever controls.

The system can be configured for combinations of stepped or stepless control and can be constructed to provide up to 64 programmable outputs. The radio uses time multiple sharing that allows at least four transmitters to operate on the same radio frequency. New surface-mount receivers with redesigned modular logic and output boards provide higher reliability and make the system easy to configure and maintain.

Features include: Bellyboxes

  • Flash memory microprocessor
  • Frequency bands: 41 MHz to 2.4 GHz
  • Regulatory: Non-licensed, IC Part K; Licensed IC Part C
  • Available for use in hazardous environments, rated for Class 1 Div 1 Groups A-G
  • Transmitter: Multiple Frequency Sharing
  • Only a single receiver is required for the following options:
    • Pitch and Catch Operation
    • Multibox operation
  • Stepped or stepless operation

Transmitter Specifications:         Nova L1         MLTX         SLTX